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Radar Detectors

How Speed Addicts Use Radar Detectors To Stay Clean

Radar Detectors for Speeders
There is no doubt that radar detectors are an essential tool that will enable you to stay constantly ahead of the radar carrying police and their generous serving of speeding tickets.

It is however useful for you to be reminded upfront, that radar detectors are highly illegal in some states/areas such as Virginia or Washington D.C. The fines for folks caught carrying the offending gadget can be fairly hefty running into hundreds of dollars. And of you're a commercial driver, the fines can be even higher. Again specifics really depend on what State you are in.

Success in being able to use radar detectors to avoid speeding tickets depends on a number of factors right from your choice of equipment. Naturally, the widest range of detection is advisable -- nothing less than Bands X, K and Ka should be considered when looking for a radar detector unit. It is also useful to have a detector with the sensitivity as high as possible. A minimum of 110 dB is advisable.

Positioning is Important
You can have a good detector but still be very vulnerable to speeding tickets simply because of poor installation. The position you place your radar on the front windscreen is extremely important. Actually the higher up the better. The level of your rear view mirror is recommended. This position will give you maximum detection range so that each time an officer somewhere in the viscidity activates a speed radar, you will be able to comfortably detect them and take the necessary action or precautions.

Those who make a decision to go for this sort of equipment usually find that they quickly recover their investment in terms of speeding ticket fines and related costs that they would have otherwise incurred.

Don't Make this Mistake...
Sadly there are those who possess properly installed radar detectors but still find themselves on the wrong side of the law pretty often. No, their equipment is no defective; they just forget to switch it on. Or even worse decide to switch it off in areas where they believe that they are safe and unlikely to meet an officer. This kind of thinking often ends up in a nasty surprise and a ticket to go with it.

Just remember to keep the radar detector on all the time.

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