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Avoid Your Next Traffic Ticket

Let's face it, getting a speeding ticket or traffic ticket sucks! Below are a few tips to help you avoid seeing a red light in your review mirror.

Think Smart - Act Smart - Drive Smart
They say that prevention is always better than cure and speeding tickets are certainly no exception to this wisdom of the ages.

When you think about it, there are actually plenty of things that can be done to avoid a
speeding ticket in the first place. There are dozens of simple and useful precautions that will help you avoid hundreds of dollars in speeding ticket fines.

Most people slow down only for a very short time after receiving a speeding ticket -- some only for a few minutes! You can imagine the frustration of getting yet another ticket shortly after you've settled the fine for another. Or even worse, before you've settled your previous fine. This one actually happens frequently enough.

In fact, chances are that you are
seeking information on this subject after just such a situation. And remember that the expenses related to a speed ticket are several and tend to add up quickly, briskly causing devastation to any pocket book. One possible extra expense as a result of a ticket or two is an insurance premium surcharge.

To start with your choice of car can make a huge difference. There are some cars that scream for a speeding ticket from miles away. Consider a red Ferrari, or any other noisy high performance car which usually come in very conspicuous colors that make them stick out like a sore thumb to the speed police? Like in everything else in life perception can be dangerously quick in getting a person into trouble.

Know where the police usually hide to set up their speed traps can be of great help. But there are also many situations where folks have fallen into traps that they should never have fallen into. For instance why carelessly speed past that oddly slow moving semi-truck when it is rather obvious that there must be a reason why they are going so slow. Reasons like a hidden car in front of it just waiting for you to behave predictably.

But there is one major and significant precaution that will keep you out of trouble a vast majority of the times. And that is avoiding the left lane like the plague itself. Just think about it for a minute. If you wanted to catch speed offenders which lane would you position your radar close to?

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Fight Your
Traffic Ticket

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