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Test Your Driving Knowledge

PayNoFine has developed a variety of interactive quizzes to better inform you about the traffic ticket process. Since 1999, over 100,000 visitors have take our trivia quizzes. It's been featured by national media coverage including CyberGuy because they are fun, popular and online quizzes that show your results instantly. Most interactive driver (tests) quizzes have 10 questions worth 10 points each. See how you score!

Driving Fact or Fiction
Thanks to the internet, there seems to be plenty of rumors or urban legends about driving in the USA. In this quiz, we set the record straight. 10 questions worth 100 points.

Traffic Cops & the Traffic Courts
What would you do if suddenly pulled over? An informative quiz about law enforcement and the traffic court process. 10 questions worth 100 points.

Speeding Ticket's Traffic Radar
Radar may be popular tool used by traffic cops but it definitely has some downsides as well. Learn more about traffic radar here. 10 questions worth 100 points.


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