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Illinois DUI Attorney
Looking for a Illinois Laywer specializing in drunk driving, DUI or DWI cases?

Have you been charged with drunk driving in Illinois?
Received a Driving Under the Influence driving charge in Chicago?
Cited for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) within Illinois?
Want to learn more about your options if charged with DUI?

State of Illinois

Illinois state flag

If you recently received DUI or DWI within the state of Illinois, it's recommened that you speak with a lawyer who specializes in defending a drunk driving cases within the state of Illinois. Cities where the most DUI where issed include Chicago, Rosemont, Springfield, East St. Louis and Naperville, Illinois. Here's more information about Illinois DUI/DWI laws.

DUI lawyer

Illinois DUI and Drunk Driving Laws

1203.4a. (a) Every defendant convicted of a misdemeanor and not granted probation shall, at any time after the lapse of one year from the date of pronouncement of judgment, if he or she has fully complied with and performed the sentence of the court, is not then serving a sentence for any offense and is not under charge of commission of any crime and has, since the pronouncement of judgment, lived an honest and upright life and has conformed to and obeyed the laws of the land, be permitted by the court to withdraw his or her plea of guilty or nolo contendere and enter a plea of not guilty; or if he or she has been convicted after a plea of not guilty, the court shall set aside the verdict of guilty; and in either case the court shall thereupon dismiss the accusatory pleading against the defendant, who shall thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted, except as provided in Section 12021.1 of this code or Section 13555 of the Vehicle Code.

1203.45. (a) In any case in which a person was under the age of 18
years at the time of commission of a misdemeanor and is eligible for, or has previously received, the relief provided by Section 1203.4 or 1203.4a, that person, in a proceeding under Section 1203.4 or 1203.4a, or a separate proceeding, may petition the court for an order sealing the record of conviction and other official records in the case, including records of arrests resulting in the criminal proceeding and records relating to other offenses charged in the accusatory pleading, whether defendant was acquitted or charges were dismissed.

Thereafter the conviction, arrest, or other proceeding shall be deemed not to have occurred, and the petitioner may answer accordingly any question relating to their occurrence. (b) This section applies to convictions which occurred before, as well as those which occur after, the effective date of this section. 

(c) This section shall not apply to offenses for which registration is required under Section 290, to violations of Division 10 (commencing with Section 11000) of the Health and Safety Code, or to misdemeanor violations of the Vehicle Code relating to operation of a vehicle or of any local ordinance relating to operation, standing, stopping, or parking of a motor vehicle. (d) This section does not apply to a person convicted of more than one offense, whether the second or additional convictions occurred in the same action in which the conviction as to which relief is sought occurred or in another action, except in the following cases:  

(1) One of the offenses includes the other or others. (2) The other conviction or convictions were for the following: (A) Misdemeanor violations of Chapters 1 (commencing with Section 21000) to 9 (commencing with Section 22500), inclusive, Chapter 12 (commencing with Section 23100), or Chapter 13 (commencing with Section 23250) of Division 11 of the Vehicle Code, other than Section 23103, 23104, 23152, 23153, or 23220. (B) Violation of any local ordinance relating to the operation, stopping, standing, or parking of a motor vehicle. (3) The other conviction or convictions consisted of any combination of paragraphs (1) and (2). (e) This section shall apply in any case in which a person was under the age of 21 at the time of the commission of an offense as to which this section is made applicable if that offense was committed prior to March 7, 1973. (f) In any action or proceeding based upon defamation, a court, upon a showing of good cause, may order any records sealed under this section to be opened and admitted into evidence. The records shall be confidential and shall be available for inspection only by the court, jury, parties, counsel for the parties, and any other person who is authorized by the court to inspect them. Upon the judgment in the action or proceeding becoming final, the court shall order the records sealed. (g) A person who petitions for an order sealing a record under this section may be required to reimburse the county for the actual cost of services rendered, whether or not the petition is granted and the records are sealed or expunged, at a rate to be determined by the county board of supervisors not to exceed one hundred twenty dollars ($120), and to reimburse any city for the actual cost of services rendered, whether or not the petition is granted and the records are sealed or expunged, at a rate to be determined by the city council not to exceed one hundred twenty dollars ($120). Ability to make this reimbursement shall be determined by the court using the standards set forth in paragraph (2) of subdivision (g) of Section 987.8 and shall not be a prerequisite to a person's eligibility under this section. The court may order reimbursement in any case in which the petitioner appears to have the ability to pay, without undue hardship, all or any portion of the cost for services established pursuant to this subdivision.

Cities within Illinois (IL) known to Enforce Drunk Driving
DUI or DWI laws including:

Arlington Heights
Blue Island
Buffalo Grove
Calumet City
Carol Stream
Chicago Heights
Crystal Lake
Des Plaines
Downers Grove

East St. Louis
Elk Grove Village
Elmwood Park
Glendale Heights
Granite City
Hanover Park
Highland Park
Hoffman Estates
Lake Forest
Machesney Park
Melrose Park
Mount Prospect
North Chicago

Oak Forest
Oak Lawn
Oak Park
Orland Park
Park Ridge
Rolling Meadows
Round Lake Beach
Tinley Park
Villa Park

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